COVID-19 response

March 20, 2020 update to our clients:


Governor Wolf ordered all non-life sustaining businesses to close Thursday, March 19 at 8 pm. 


It appears that horse boarding facilities are classified under “Other Amusement and Recreation Industries”. Accordingly, we are now required to be closed to all nonessential personnel.


Farm crew, veterinarians, farriers and supplies deliverers are permitted on the farm. Hay and grain delivery, bedding delivery, and manure removal will continue.


No boarders, ship-in schoolers, outside instructors, etc. are permitted to come to the farm.


We know our boarders will miss seeing their beloved horses, but rest assured we here at SFC will continue to provide TLC to each and every one of them. We have hired one additional staff member to provide extra special care to each horse every day.


Everyone stay well and let’s hope the lock-down in Pennsylvania has the desired results.


Marty 3/20/2020



Links to important information/communications:



Urgent message for all. Please read carefully before coming to barn.


Some guiding thoughts:

  • viruses don’t like sunlight and fresh air
  • viruses survive well on flat surfaces and plastic and stainless steel
  • viruses can remain active on surfaces for days
  • doorknobs are arguably the most commonly shared items on the planet


Boarders should use hand sanitizer before (or wear gloves while) touching items on farm, specifically but not limited to:

  1. Door handles
  2. Light switches
  3. Water spigots
  4. Water sprayers
  5. Brooms
  6. Shovels
  7. Pitchforks
  8. Portable saddle racks
  9. Latches and snaps to stall doors
  10. Gate latches
  11. Cross ties


Please sanitize your hands prior to entering the boarder bathroom. Sanitizer is in place outside the boarder bathroom.


Leave the “people door” entrance to the indoor open enough that the handle is not necessary to access the indoor.


The tack room door and lounge doors should be kept propped open so these handles don’t get touched.


We don’t have enough hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and clean wipes to supply all riders. (More of these items were ordered over a month ago but are still on back order.)  Accordingly, we are asking riders to bring their own personal disinfectant for items they touch while on farm. We will disinfect as much as possible each night and close the tack room and lounge doors.


Keep in mind that if barn staff gets sick from outside boarders touching their tools and the water connections, it will be extremely hard to care for our beloved horses. Be mindful and aware of any items you touch while on the farm and be sure to clean and disinfect said items after touching.


The barn staff have designated specific stall maintenance tools for their own use. These tools will be kept in the loft. Please do not touch them!


Please do not touch tractors, RTV, wheelbarrows, muck tubs, and any other tools needed by staff to work.


Staff is required to wear gloves while feeding. This is when they are the most vulnerable. Halters, lead shanks, blankets, latches, water handles, etc.


The main barn water is now off limits to everyone except staff. Riders can use outside wash stalls.

All feed rooms are now off limits to everyone except staff.  If you need hay for your horse, please text your request to a staff member.


Whenever possible, it is recommended that you groom and tack up in the outside wash stalls due to the open air environment.


Please maintain a minimum 6 foot distance from staff and also from each other. Sorry for the inconvenience, but if any of us living here gets sick and our barn is forced into total quarantine, everyone will miss out on seeing their darling horses for several weeks. And that would be very sad!!


So let’s all be mindful, considerate, and stay well.


Marty 3/18/2020

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