COVID Jumper Show, January 17, 2021

Entries for January 17 are closed.  Course maps are posted and are open for walking. 




Original guesstimated times were based on the possibility that the footing would not permit warm up in the outdoor ring.  It now appears that the footing will be sufficient and we will not have to provide indoor warm up time. Accordingly, the start times have been compressed as follows:


Div 1      9:00

Div 2      10:20

Div 3A   11:00

Div 3B   12:00

Div 4      1:10

Div 5      2:40


Div 3A – Jackson, Wilson, Kerr, Bicking, Loustau, McKinnon, Stewart

Div 3B – Euler, Hess, Fowler, Mark, Wood, Glynn, Gladu


Riders will compete in numerical order, with 2-horse riders given some leeway.  Order of go will be posted at the ingate.


Please be warmed up, courses memorized, and at the ingate when your division begins.


Thanks!  Marty & Christopher ?

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