COVID Jumper Show Sun, Oct. 18





Covid Show at SFC on SUNDAY October 18!

We will provide you a wonderful and fun experience -- and also keep you safe.

We have changed our jumper show protocols to comply with Covid 19 requirements. Everything has been arranged to minimize up-close personal interactions while providing a great experience for the competitors.

Here’s the scoop for the October show

Who can attend

1 rider, 1 groom, 1 trainer.

No fans or family allowed unless they are filling one of those roles. 

Entry Form

Entry Form for the rider – web site entry form must be provided by deadline, with payment

Direct Link to Forms

Waiver Forms

Complete and sign form on web site - form must be provided to be permitted onto the grounds

  • Waiver Form for the rider
  • Waiver Form for the trainer

Covid control

Masks required

Sanitize hands prior to entering portapotty

Observe 6’ social distancing

If you are experiencing symptoms - please stay home!

When You Arrive

Stay in vehicle, stop at check-in.

Temp checks  and number distribution as you arrive


No food court during covid – please pack your snacks and drinks


Pre-entry ONLY

No post entries permitted

Closing Date

Tues, October 13. No exceptions. If insufficient entries are in hand, show will be cancelled


$90/division (includes 3 classes)

No adding classes at the gate

No refunds for scratches

Pre-payment required

  • venmo preferred (Martha Armstrong @ Fox Crossing)
  • will accept Paypal (
  • will accept check dropped off here at the farm if arrives before closing date

Ride times

ride times will be assigned and posted on the web site

unpaid pre-entries will not be scheduled


1st thru 6th plus Div and Res Champ


  • Minimum 5 pre-entries to run a division
  • Divisions with over 12 pre-entries will be divided (i.e., Div A, Div B) to prevent crowding and comply with Covid 19 protocols

5 divisions:

NOTE:  Divisions will run in numerical order as listed below.

              Divisions may be combined or divided.

Div 1 –

first two classes at 2'9 + third class at 3’

Div 2 –

first two classes at 3'3 + third class at 3'6

Div 3 -

< 2'

Div 4 -


Div 5 -



Each division consists of 3 classes.

1st class in each division is a two-phase class.

Table II, Section 2(c)   TWO-PHASE.  If a competitor goes clean in the 1st round (phase one), the competitor will, upon crossing the finish line, immediately and without circling commence the jump-off course (phase two). Timer starts as they cross the finish line of the first round (phase one). 

2nd class in each division is a time first round class.

Table II, Section I Time First Round. Only one round is ridden. This round is first decided by the faults incurred over the course.  Competitors with clean rounds or equal faults are further placed according to time taken to complete the course.   

3rd class in each division is a jump off class

Table II, Section 2 a (jump off rounds after all 1st rounds are complete)

After all 1st rounds have been completed, each competitor that was clean in the 1st round returns to ride a jump-off course. Competitor must wait to be started for the jump-off course and must cross the finish line at the end of the course to stop the timer.

Note: Competitors going on to the jump-off round always place above those who do not, regardless of their performance in the jump-off round. Jump-off rounds are first decided by adding together the faults incurred over the course and then further classified according to time taken to complete the course.  If there are no clean 1st rounds and a tie exists, time taken to complete the 1st round will be used to place the competitors.


In spite of the restrictions involved with Covid 19 compliance, it will be a good time and great training experience for all competitors. 


Next visit to SFC, check out the preparations currently underway for an additional outdoor riding arena (The Moore Stadium) and the fabulous new additions to the Derby Field – new water complex, new ditch complex, several new solid and portable obstacles, plus more to come!!


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