Final Standings & Awards List for 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Jumper Show Series

The trophies are ready however some of the prizes are still being prepared. When everything is ready, we will schedule with each recipient to receive his/her trophy, etc. and get a photo for our web site. 


Congratulations to each and every one of our riders who came, saw, and conquered during the 2019-2020 season!!




We are setting up for our High Point Rider Lottery and will be ready shortly. The top ten riders will go "into the pot" for a drawing.

Number of chances reflects the rider's place in the line-up. Rank 1 will have 10 chances, Rank 2 will have 9 chances, etc. 

Winner receives $500 in prize money!!!


The Top 10 Riders Are:

  1. Kameryn Stockar (10 chances)
  2. Michaela Schock (9 chances)
  3. Sarah Carey (8 chances)
  4. William Slater (7 chances)
  5. Chloe Shelton (6 chances)
  6. Tia Gay (5 chances)
  7. Scarlet Davies (4 chances)
  8. McKenna O'Neil (3 chances)
  9. Eva Ciuffetelli (2 chances)
  10. Six Sanannah (1 chance)


One of these lucky riders will be very happy, indeed! 



AWARDS LIST FOR POSTING 2019.2020 series[...]
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FINAL Rider Standings by Age Division, 2[...]
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FINAL Trainer Standings 2019-2020 Fall W[...]
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FINAL Horse Standings 2019-2020 Fall Win[...]
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FINAL Div Standings 2019.2020 Fall Winte[...]
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