The Stables at Fox Crossing
The Stables at Fox Crossing

8 a.m. start  for this Sun July 21 jumper show


·         indoor will be wide open so shade for all

·         water stations for horses

·         rider attire – sleeveless and tank tops will be permitted

·         free water for riders at in-gate


èPlease get your pre-entries in PRONTO!!!


Reminder:  $500 high point rider award at series end + $500 lottery!



Let's have fun on Sunday!!  Chris & Marty  




Thanks to our fabulous sponsors, we are offering 2 big cash prizes at the end of our 2019 Spring-Summer Jumper Show Series.  Series dates are April 20, May 19, Jun 16, Jul 21, Aug 18 and Sep 15.  We have four shows left, so it is not to late!!


$500 Elizabeth & William Groves Award for  High Point Rider/Horse in our 2019 Spring-Summer Series

Points will be calculated after the final show in the series, which takes place on September 15.

To be eligible,

·        Rider must compete in at least three classes in each of at least 4 of the 6 shows in the 2019 Spring-Summer series.

·        Rider points accrue on one horse. For riders with multiple horses, the horse upon which they have accumulated the most points will be used.

·        Rider can be any age. You do not need to own the horse upon which you compete.

·        Rider is expected to submit a list by Sept 17 of all their spring-summer SFC show dates via email to


and an additional


$500 Prize for the Winning Lottery in our 2019 Spring-Summer Series

Lottery will be drawn after the final show in the series, which takes place on September 15.

·        To be eligible, rider must compete in at least 3 of the next 4 shows in the 2019 Spring-Summer series.

·        Rider receives 1 lottery ticket for every 3 classes ridden.

·        Rider does NOT need to win or ribbon in these classes – participation is the only requirement!

·        Rider must collect a lottery ticket from secretaries after completing their 3 classes at each show.

·        Extra lottery tickets may be purchased:  $5/ticket or $10/3 tickets

·        Rider can be any age. You do not need to own the horse upon which you compete.

·        All eligible riders will be entered in the lottery – winning ticket wins!!


Please get your pre-entries in PRONTO for our July 21 show.


We are very excited to be able to offer these incentive prizes to our wonderful competitors!


Christopher and Marty ?


Sunday Fun at SFC !



2018-2019 Spring-Summer Series


"not before" Division times will be posted by
6 p.m. Saturday night before each show.
Sun, Jul 21, 2019
Sun, Aug 18, 2019
Sun, Sep 15, 2019


We have two water stations for the horses: 

1. Right outside the indoor arena (quick bucket fill)

2. Walk down the paved driveway toward the main barn and house.  Just past the indoor arena, look for a spigot on your RIGHT at the corner of the first paddock.

Congratulations to our SFC riders at the

Cecil County Fair Jumper Show August 25, 2018



Eva Ciuffetelli / Great Gatsby

·      2nd - 2'6 classic

·      RESERVE CHAMP - 2'3

·      1st - 2'3


Eva Ciuffetelli / Peekaboo Bill

·      1st place - 2'9 classic

·      3rd place - 2'6 classic

·      2nd - 2'3 gamblers choice

·      2nd place - 2'3


Kameryn Stockar / Patronus  

·      5th - 3’6 classic

·      1st - 3’3 classic

·      2nd - 3’ gamblers choice

·      6th - 3’ jump off

·      CHAMPION - 2’6-2’9 division

·      3rd - 2’9 classic

·      2nd - 2’6 gamblers choice

·      1st - 2’6 jump off



SFC is pleased to be a part of the

Colonial Classic

 a local champions’ finals for local exhibitors

at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex

August 30 - September 1, 2019



Anne Kursinksi Clinic at SFC

Nov 24-25, 2018

sponsored by the Fair Hill TB Show

organizer Lisa Demars 610-637-2707

Fox Crossing Signature Fence, added June 2014

Classic Oaks Hunter Show at Fox Crossing, Oct. 12, 2014 - a few candid photos

Event Schedule

Attire and Tack

Where to Find Us:

The Stables at Fox Crossing

501 Walter Road
Cochranville, PA 19330


Chris Armstrong:


Marty Armstrong:



What's New

Farm Renovations continue!  We have added a new visitor / competitor trailer parking lot right off Walter Road. Easy access year-round! The old kennel is now a spacious 2-bay wash/farrier/vet/groom area!!  A new sprinkler system is on our front "hunter" ring -- dust free bliss!!  This past winter our wash stall got a major face lift and new mats, and now it is being further improved -- dazzling!  Our new paved stable yard with fountain, the "zen" garden is lovely!  Other improvements include a music system in the indoor arena, our expanded and redecorated tack room, client lounge (coffee anyone?!), mats in the main barn aisle, and updated stables. Every year we add even more cross country jumps.  The outside wash/farrier/vet bays will soon have hot water! Thank you Bob!!! xoxo Further improvements and upgrades will continue through 2019.


Join the party as we prepare to celebrate our new features with everyone. Contact us today for details. 

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