Covid Jumper Show July 19, 2020

Our first jumper show run under covid conditions was a success in spite of the high temperatures that day. Yes, there was a lot of sweat, but there was also a lot of fun. The ring footing was watered between each division and remained perfectly dust free, the jumps were beautiful, the courses inviting, and there was a bit of breeze.  Scheduling ensured no crowding, and our trainers and riders were so very cooperative - thank you!!  Thanks also to the wonderful show staff at SFC for making a fun day for the competitors!  Marty especially appreciated having everyone sing happy birthday to her for her 70th birthday!

Covid Show Staff, July 19, 2020
Covid show staff, unmasked!
Singing happy birthday to Marty :)
Marty with her double, Happy 70th Birthday!
Industrious show staff ensure efficient show!!!
Covid-style ribbon distribution
The fences were so beautiful!!
Sarah Carey and Feather had a great day!
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