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Dear Chris and Marty,

I cannot thank you enough for the effort you put in trying to find my daughter's phone today. We have been telling people how much we enjoy showing at your facility - everyone is always so nice, the jumps and course designs are challenging and exciting, the shows are run with professionalism and timeliness and the atmosphere is always fun and engaging. But today you went even beyond that. We were humbled by your willingness to do everything you could to help my daughter find her phone. You really are great people and we appreciate all you do for those of us you host at your barn. We look forward to showing there again in April and hope to bring even more riders by spreading the word about how much we enjoy showing there!

Thank you!

Jill and Sabina



Marty – a heartfelt thank you to you and your fantastic team at SFC, LLC for hosting a great jumper show yesterday. 


How nice to attend a show that encourages people to “try again” if they have problems on course, and not just beep them out of the ring.


Thanks you your staff for being flexible AND nice!!  No grumpy faces at the secretary’s booth or the in gate, despite the cold.


Loved the indoor heating thingys…I saw one person warming his coffee cup up next to it.  That made me laugh.  Smart guy! 


We are done showing for the year, but look forward to coming back and showing at SFC next Spring…and maybe coming down for an xc school.


Best regards,


Amy G and the awesome appy, Something Different





Hello Marty & Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience that you created for me on Sunday!  I am a 46-year-old re-rider who has only been back in the saddle a couple of years.  Back in the day (in my teens) I did lower-level eventing, showing, and the occasional fox hunt, but yours was my first jumper show EVER!  I have only had my horse for a couple of years and we haven’t done much together other than get to know each other and have fun, as I just recently started working with a trainer.   I was nervous but excited about attending your show but once I was there, I quickly got the vibe that your goal was to have fun and learn from the experience.  I totally forgot my course, which I feared I would, but you encouraged me to get it down and finish the course without further embarrassing me in front of lots of people.  I was SO proud of my horse too!  He is a young (7) OTTB and has very little experience outside of his farm.  In addition, he had never jumped an entire course more than once, he had never seen jumps the likes of yours, AND he had never been in an indoor arena before.  So to me, finishing the courses was just icing on the cake compared to how well he handled all the new stimuli presented to him.  I look forward to coming back next month and actually remembering my course without any help!  LOL  Thanks for making the experience so fun and rewarding and painless!! 


Thank you again so much,

Gail M & “Trebby”




Marty -


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day. It was our first time at an event at Fox Crossing and we loved it! Looking forward to the rest of the series.





Marty, Thank you so much for the best lesson I have ever had! No one has ever explained anything like that to me. You are amazing and thank you for sharing your information with others!



"Having boarded at Fox Crossing for 5 years I can say I have been very pleased with good consistent horse care. I have kept horses on my own farm for years so I knew exactly what I wanted and expected in a boarding operation. The owner/manager Marty Armstrong is a caring and knowledgeable horsewoman with years of experience. The farm is lovely with a great indoor arena as well as outdoor rings, jumps, and cross-country fields. I would recommend the farm to anyone looking for good quality horse care."


Lea Purcell

“I've really enjoyed my stay at Fox Crossing! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and the facilities are unbeatable! I am so happy with [my horse]'s weight and how he is adjusting! 
It gives me such peace of mind to know that [my horse] gets a "look over" when he
comes in and is being checked on even when I'm not there! I really appreciate it! 


Wish I didn't have to go off to graduate school in two short months :(
Thanks!    Julieann”

"I have known Marty Armstrong for 25 years and would recommend the quality of care and knowledge that Marty brings to Fox Crossing.
Marty Armstrong is a horsewoman of many years experience in all phases of horsemanship. Not only does she bring excellent care of
the horse but also an understanding of the needs of her boarders. Safety is important and knowledge of Veterinarian medicine for the
general care."


Betty Ann Lester, Wavecrest Farm
Kennett Sq., Pa.

“Hey there,The idea is great. I am sure "Zen riding"
is more than mushy butt, "Dolly Parton", glass of wine on your
shoulders and shutting down the electric elbows. Actually, I have been using those tricks
since 2010 and you cannot imagine how grateful I am that you taught me those. Well -- they are more than
tricks to me. This positive attitude is now the backbone of my riding and all
the horses love it, to the point that when they are ridden by someone else they
are lost. I owe you big time!!! Before meeting you I was a good mechanic
but you taught me how to FEEL (God I can hear your voice resonating in my head!).


All the best, Stephanie”

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What's New

Farm Renovations and Upgrades continue! 


2022 saw further major changes, improvements and upgrades. The front field is now a dedicated cross country schooling venue, with new water complex, new ditch complex, and many new obstacles added.  We are in the final stages of creating the "Moore Stadium", an additional outdoor arena. Our dressage school has been expanded, and we added a new judge booth.  We have added a new visitor / competitor trailer parking lot right off Walter Road. Easy access year-round! The old kennel is now a spacious 2-bay wash/farrier/vet/groom area complete with hot and cold water.  A new sprinkler system is on our front "hunter" ring -- dust free bliss!!  Our main barn wash stall has already undergone a major face lift  -- dazzling!  Take a moment to sit and relax  in our paved "zen" garden stable yard with fountain (ahhhh).  Other improvements include new improved speaker system and bluetooth hook up for the music system in the indoor arena, new electronic timers for our shows, mats in the main barn aisle, and updated stables.  The barn interior is being redone as well, with new racks, cabinetry, soon-to-come individual cubbie storage for clients. Further improvements and upgrades will continue!!


Join the party as we prepare to celebrate our new features with everyone. Contact us today for details. 

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